Why Clients Choose Us

why clients choose usI am very satisfied with the translation services of SUNSHINE SOLUTIONS company because the cooperation with them is always flexible.  They are able to adapt to the customer’s requirements in any situation. In addition, the resulting translations are well done and they don’t require additional editing.

Naďa Kováčiková, Amgen Slovakia, s. r. o.


We have been cooperating with SUNSHINE SOLUTIONS for quite a long time. Communication works very well and cooperation goes ahead without any complications.

Kristína Kubová, dm drogerie markt, s. r. o.


We are more than satisfied with SUNSHINE SOLUTIONS’ translation services, which is proven by the fact that we have maintained our cooperation with them for such a long time. Their professionally done medical translations show an excellent knowledge of current professional terminology and the language skills of the SUNSHINE SOLUTIONS translator team.

Miroslava Józsová, Novartis Slovakia s.r.o, Alcon Division


Excellent solutions, a highly creative spirit and new visions – that is what our cooperation with SUNSHINE SOLUTIONS means to us.

František Mezei,  MEDU Slovakia, s.r.o


On the basis of our long-lasting cooperation, we can testify that SUNSHINE SOLUTIONS is able to complete professional specialized translations, guarantee their prompt realization and provide them on time. Excellent communication and direct feed-back are never in doubt.

Viktória Martáková, Servier Slovensko, spol. s r. o.


A partnership with the SUNSHINE SOLUTIONS company means to me a prompt and excellent communication. Shortly, high quality services.

Sasha Popovic, Sun&Seed Ltd.


I always connect the services of the SUNSHINE SOLUTIONS company with professionalism, quality, helpfulness and excellent communication.

Boris Schönhauser, Valeant Slovakia, s. r. o.



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