Who We Are

who we areVISION

To be a leading company in the Central Europe in creating bridges between markets in the field of organic food, herbal and natural products.
To be widely recognized as a reliable partner in business development consultancy.
To expand our business operations globally by 2018.


To bring effective and dynamic growth business development solutions to our clients.
To bring high quality professional translation, regulatory affairs and consultancy services.
To bring light and joy into day-to-day business life.



Practical experience in international business, continually updated knowledge of local regulations as well as prompt, effective and clear communication make us the reliable regulatory affairs, translation and business agency company.

Escort and support of international projects, with local know-how, and fusion of joy and loyalty in our approach
brings long lasting success, because it creates ideas which are life-giving and rewarding regardless in what area our clients carry out their business.

As a small-sized family type of company with a net of consultants at our service, we are very flexible to fulfill
challenging and diverse requirements of our international clients.

Sunshine Solutions is located in Slovakia, EU, being perfectly positioned to offer competitive services capable of
bridging the Western and Eastern Europe markets which is exactly what we successfully do.

All our services are ready to be offered to clients wishing to enter the Central Europe market via own new branch company based in Slovakia, or to find a reliable partner for selling their products or services. Long-standing
experience in the day-to-day business in Slovakia and the region allows our clients to make decisions that last and are profitable.

Starting from pre-marketing research, continuing with identification of a feasible and profitable business solution,
through communicating ideas to final delivery of goods or services.

But that is not where our work ends .

We continue performing our business brokerage role by remaining in touch with both the client and its partner alike to coordinate their cooperation and provide them with ongoing consultancy services that develop their business through never ending joyful and fruitful partnership, the one that enriches all participating sides.

As we specialize in the pharmaceutical and food industries, and as these sectors are often considered non-nature
friendly branches, we wish to change this perception among people. That’s why we decided to be focused on
organic, herbal and natural products with ethical facet on manufacturing, marketing and sales activities.

Looking at the market with green eyes, we are searching for and connecting business partners who, just like us, wish to offer to their customer products or services which can make them feel happier and be healthier.

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